Things I’m loving

Dr Hauschka Rose Cream

This is the most delicious face cream I think I’ve tried, ever! Thick, creamy and super moisturising, it helps renew your skin and locks in moisture and prevents dryness, which is perfect for this sort of weather. Dr Hauschka Rose Cream will leave your skin feeling amazing and looking radiant.

My book – ‘How to train a wild elephant’

Becoming more mindful is something that I have been practicing for a while now and ‘How to train a wild elephant’ by Joy Chozen Bays is a great book full of insights and techniques. The book includes a number of simple mindfulness practices that can be added to your daily routine.

Not only does being mindful benefit physical health, reduce stress, and improve sleep, but it also helps us to appreciate the amazing things in our lives more, and I for one am grateful for that.

You can buy the book on Amazon and its a great one to have in your bag to dip in and out of.

Wild at Heart – Conscious chocolate 

I love raw chocolate, and I can honestly say that Conscious Wild at Heart chocolate is incredible! It’s 65% cacao, raw, organic, dairy free, and is flavoured with Maca, vanilla and blue algae. I can’t get enough of it at the moment!

Jasmine pearls tea

You can buy the jasmine tea bags but I prefer the flower, the taste is stronger and I think it looks prettier! Jasmine promotes a sense of well-being and calm, which is perfect for winding down after a long day. It is also packed full of antioxidants that work within the body to detect and destroy harmful agents or free radicals. It can also help reduce stress and improve the digestive processes.

Lily x

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