The importance of Self Care

Being ‘healthy’ to me certainly doesn’t just consist of the foods you are eating. Sure, you can nourish your body with organic, whole foods to make you feel and look amazing, but it doesn’t stop there.

With so much information out there on food, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’,  I think that people are too focused on the types of food they are eating. You can drink green juice until you are blue (green) in the face / or restrict gluten / sugar etc but that isn’t enough to make you feel your best in your body and your mind. 

Healthy to me is a feeling, it is not the way that you look. It is a whole number of things, from your happiness, your job, they way you think (self talk), your spirituality, joy, if you exercise, and SELF CARE.

Being ‘healthy’ is a balance, and each section needs to be worked on and nurtured in order to feel your best. 

Ask yourself, what do you do that is for yourself? What brings you joy? How often do you do it? Is it enough?

Self care: it can come in any form that feels right for you;

  • reading
  • your favourite hobby
  • art
  • visiting a museum
  • watching a movie (without your phone)!
  • write a diary / write down things that you are grateful for
  • learn something new – maybe yoga 🙂
  • go to a new gym class with a friend
  • cook something new
  • have a long bath
  • buy flowers for your bedroom / flat
  • do a vision board for the next year
  • spend time with your friends who inspire you/make you laugh

I know that some of you may do lots of these things already, but do them consciously. Take your time when you are doing them and make sure you switch off and unplug. Let me know what is your favourite way to practice self care. 

Enjoy. Lil x

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