Simple healthy swaps

Simple healthy swaps

With so many different ideas about health it can be confusing to know where to start! I have some quick and simple tips for you to help set you off on the right path.


 – Swap your sugary cereal (most of them I’m afraid) for porridge with fruit and nuts on top
– Swap extra bread for 2 extra green vegetables to your plate at lunch, or an extra green salad
– Swap white pasta for brown pasta, quinoa or brown rice
– Instead of white sliced bread try a rye bread, or soda bread
– Replace biscuits for nuts or peanut butter (palm oil free) on an oat cake
– Swap chocolate for some dried fruit


These simple changes don’t all have to be done at once, but gradually try bringing them into your daily routine.

By crowding in healthier foods and adding in the nutrients and goodness you will crowd out the bad stuff… and hopefully for good!


Lily x

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