Oil pulling

When I first read about oil pulling a few years ago I quickly dismissed it… the thought of swilling oil around my mouth first thing in the morning was not something I was willing to try. It wasn’t until late last year when I did some more research that I became more and more interested. I had to try it.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the first time was no picnic but once you get used to it, it really isn’t that bad.

How to do it:
1. Choose your oil – I use coconut oil (Lucy Bee) because I personally think it tastes the best
2. MELT your coconut oil – I boil the kettle and place my coconut oil jar into a bowl and fill it with the boiling water. The coconut melts very quickly
3. Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of the melted coconut oil into your mouth and start to swill it around your mouth. NB: do not swallow any!
4. After 10-20 minutes (maybe start with 5) spit the coconut oil out into a bin, do not spit it into the sink because it will clog up your drains
5. Rinse your mouth with water and then immediately brush your teeth
6. This should be done first thing in the morning before you have drunk anything or brushed your teeth



The benefits:

Better energy
By oil pulling you are drawing out all of the bad toxins rather than ingesting them, which frees up your immune system giving you more energy.

Whiter teeth
Coconut oil has a natural antiviral property known to help brighten and clean teeth. If you can manage 2 weeks straight you should see a big difference.

Clearer skin
If white teeth aren’t the thing you are after, maybe its clearer skin? Oil pulling removes the toxins that would otherwise enter the bloodstream that can affect your skin; by getting rid of them your skin has a chance to glow.

Shift that hangover
Now I know the thought of swilling oil around your mouth might be the last thing you want to do when you are hungover but it can actually help you! Getting rid of the toxins and bacteria can clear that hangover right up!

I know it probably isn’t the nicest sounding thing but once you have done it a few times you get used to it and the health benefits are amazing!

Let me know if you try it.
Have a good day.
Lily x

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