My green hangover smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with goodness! It will flood your body with nutrients and help ease those hangover symptoms. It could be perfect tomorrow morning!

Hangover smoothieIngredients:

½ banana – full of potassium to help soothe your stomach

½ avocado – not only does it make the smoothie extra creamy but its also packed full of antioxidants as well as potassium

½ cup blueberries – powerful antioxidants to help the system reverse yesterday’s damage

Big handful of spinach – very alkaline and good at restoring your pH levels

Coconut water – helps restore electrolytes

1 tsp spirulina powder – supports and protects your liver, full of antioxidants and great source of nutrients that will be greatly needed



Simply place all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.


* Top tip: I like to freeze my bananas and keep a stash in the freezer. Simply chop up bananas into small chunks and keep in a sandwich bag in the freezer. It will not only make your smoothies cold but extra creamy too.


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