My favourite skincare products

As I always say, you can get glowing skin from the foods that you eat but I also like to give my skin an extra helping hand.

Here are some of my favourite products at the moment:

Purifying Cleansing Wash – Nude Skincare 

This is the first time I have used this but I have been really enjoying it. It certainly does get all of my make up off and I love the feeling of my skin afterwards. I really feel that it fully cleanses unlike some other face washes I have used in the past. It is super smooth and silky. I massage it on to my skin and then use a hot muslin cloth to gently wipe it off.

Superskin Concentrate – Liz Earle 

I was actually given this a few months ago but still had some night oil left so put it in my cupboard until I needed it. Now I have started using it I honestly do not think I will be able to go back to my old one. I 100% think that it has improved my skin in less that 3 weeks. Not only does it smell delicious but it has a roller ball which makes the application so much easier. It says ‘visibly plump and smooth’ and that is what it delivers. Not only that but I feel that the vitamin e has also helped improve some scars too. This was such a surprise product, I am now totally hooked! 

Detox Face Mask – Malin and Goetz 

It could be said that I am slightly obsessed with face masks. This face mask can also double up as a cleanser which I loved, 2 products in 1! It smells incredible and when used as a cleanser leaves your skin feeling amazing. I have to say that I prefer it as a face mask though. Applied on to dry skin it is smooth and glides on, however it then begins to oxidise creating a fizzing feeling. You can either remove it with a warm muslin but if you have very dry skin you can wipe it away gently without water, locking in the moisture giving you that fresh, plump and glowing skin. 

Deodorant – Aloe Ever Shield  

I have used this for years, I am a big natural deodorant girl. I have tried many others but this one really works. Unlike a lot of other natural deodorants this one is not sticky at all, it glides on and is really soft. It honestly keeps you feeling fresh all day. Not expensive and lasts for ages.


Get Up & Glow – Oskia  

This is on my dream list – I had the most incredible Oskia facial a few months ago for my birthday and they used this. Not only did it give the most amazing glow to my skin but it is also packed full of health-boosting nutrients. It brightens, smooths and protects against seasonal and lifestyle damage. It can be used under make up so you get all of the amazing nutrients straight into your skin or onto to give you an amazing glow.

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