A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean an empty wallet

January is always a bit of a struggle, mostly for the bank balance after Christmas. I have some quick tips to ensure that your health doesn’t suffer this month! Being healthy does not have to be expensive.


Fruit and veg box from Cycling Veg

Fruit and Veg

Local supermarkets, although convenient, are expensive, especially for vegetables!

Local markets are the place to be, go on the weekend and stock up, you get much more for your money.

Buy foods that are in season… a mango in January is not going to be cheap!

Vegetable delivery companies are popping up all over London and are a great way of getting a variety of fruit and veg into your diet. As I’ve said before, I use Cycling Veg who are brilliant! At just £10 a box its not only much cheaper but easier because they deliver it to your door!

*Tip: buy your greens (spinach and kale) in bulk and once home and washed, blend them with a little water and pour mixture into an empty ice tray and freeze. You will then keep it fresh and you will have cold green ice cubs to put into your smoothies. 



Sunday evening is the time… Cook an extra roast chicken at lunch, make some quinoa and extra roast veg (from your veg box) and keep it all in your fridge, not only will you have delicious and nutritious food to come back to after work but it will stop you spending yet another £10 on your way home from work.


Love Leftovers

Never throw anything away, leftovers are such a good way of having a cheap meal at home. Chuck some chilli in with it, add some rocket, make it a bit different to the night before and you’d never know!


One step at a time

If you are just getting into living a healthier lifestyle remember to take it slow, ease your body into it, you don’t have to buy EVERYTHING at once, focus on trying to make those small changes become changes that last.


Lil x


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