Eating the right foods to suit your body can be life changing – after all, what you eat affects both physical and mental wellness. Nutritional Health Consultant Lily Hartley teaches clients to focus on building a healthy relationship with food, to help nourish body, mind and skin and promote all-round wellbeing – and eat better forever.


Altering your diet doesn’t have to be hard work; it might even simplify things. Lily will take a fresh look at your food intake to assess what could be improved. You can then work together to create a tailor-made healthy eating plan, outlining bespoke goals, that are healthy and sustainable – and can even be delicious! A true believer in all things organic, Lily will also develop your understanding of different food groups, wholefoods and seasonal foods and their benefits.


Managing weight, increasing energy levels, digestive issues, reducing stress, deeper sleep and loving your body are just some of the areas Lily commonly tackles.

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